Vacuum Packaging Machine - GDZQ 5002 SB
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Double Chamber Single Lid  GDZQ 5002 SB


Double Chamber w/Single Lid GDZQ 5002 SB
Machine Size: 1350 x 950 x 1050mm
Machine Gross Weight: 267 kg
Chamber Size: 5700 x 470 x 118mm
Sealing Size: 500 x 2 x 10mm
No. of  Chamber: 2
Suction Speed: 11.0L/S
Vacuum Pressure: 0.66Kpa
Vacuum Power: 1.5KW
Sealing Power: 0.2KW
Power Supply: 3Ø, 400V, 50Hz, 10A

Features :
  • Stainless steel construction. Durable, space saver and easy cleaning.
  • With a Europe-imported high capacity vacuum pump and an automatic control system. It has a low breakdown rate and easy to operate.
  • Applicable for various type of processing in factories and industries.

Functions :
  • Maintaining the freshness and original flavor of food, antiseptic and mold resistance.
  • Prolong food expiration date.
  • Prevents electronic and hardware parts from rusting and dampening.

Applications :
For vacuuming  and packaging meat, seafood, agriculture products, pickled foods, vegetarians food, prepared food, herb, tea leaves, powder, spice, electronic and hardware parts, medical instruments, medicines, clothes, poultry and lots more!!

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